The WITCH OF WOOD is a replica of sailing boats that patrolled the East Coast of the United States in the late eighteenth century. Stan Pietrucki began construction of the Witch in 1972 here in Suisun City Harbor. She was launched seven years later. It took another seven years before she was commissioned.

Stan was a talented craftsman and the Witch is an example of his skill and passion. He was also a gifted jeweler and black powder gunsmith.

Captain Stan Pietrucki campaigned the Witch throughout the Bay Area and the California coast. In 1997 He sailed her through the Panama Canal to Florida and back. Stan lived aboard the Witch until 2015, when he was diagnosed with Ahlzhiemers Disease. He now lives with his family in Salem Oregon.

My name is Mike Seely and it is my privilege and honor to return the Witch to Suisun City Harbor and share her with this community. I am now organizing a support group for the Witch of Wood. Our mission is twofold:

Number one is to restore her to original condition.

Number two is to use the Witch as an instrument of education for “children of all ages”, by developing the Naval Academy of Suisun City.

The means of support for these two goals will be available under the "FUND RAISING" tab soon

Please note that a percentage of all donated funds will go towards the support and care of Captain Stan Pietrucki.

PLEASE JOIN THE CREW OF THE “WITCH OF WOOD”, and help us attain our goals and preserve the LEGACY of STAN PIETRUCKI.

  Yours in service,  Mike Seely, D.V.M.




You can contact us by e-mail us at:

Friends of the Witch of Wood